Welcome to Wings of Love! My name is John McCalmon.
I release white birds at all the occasions of your life. 
It might be a wedding, or funeral, a christening or
graduation, a quinceanera or 90th birthday, a national
bocce tournament or a grand opening. Whatever the event,
my birds will make it even more special and add  panache
not otherwise available. I have many unsolicited notes of
thanks to share on the endorsement page. Please know 
that I take your assignment seriously and will not ask you
to pay for an event you find unsatisfactory. Though most
clients pay prior to an event, you may pay after you've 
expressed your satisfaction in a job well done. Your 
satisfaction  and maintaining the good name of my 
company are my primary goals. In the many years I've
released my birds, only praise has been offered! 
Generally, I do all releases myself. 

I use only white homing pigeons in my releases. The words 'dove' and 'pigeon' are virtually synonymous and describe birds of the same family. Pigeons have been flying messengers on man's behalf since the Romans used them to carry messages. The small white dove many people think of when they think of doves (often used by magicians), is never used by release professionals because this type of dove lacks the ability to return from even short flights. They will generally sit out at the event and die over time from the elements or predators in the area. The same fate awaits birds purchased in a pet shop or feed store. They're not intended for the purpose of release, and no good will come from it. 

My elegant birds are true athletes capable of exceptionably long flights of hundreds of miles, however I generally hold releases to a radius of 60 miles from my home. Releases require reasonable weather with time enough to fly home before the day is done. 

These ancient symbols of peace and purity remind us today that love is eternal... Their release is inspirational whether the occasion is filled with the joy and exuberance of what is to come or solace to those in reflection. Our birds return promptly to their lofts after being released. We service the central valley of California, up to 60 miles from our home in Lodi, CA.

Please call me to provide your ceremony or function with a rare and unique beauty for that special day in your life!

  Wings of Love Ceremonial Release
  John McCalmon
  9830 E. Kettleman Lane 
  Lodi, CA 95240

  Phone: cell 209-898-3442
  email: jmccalmon00209@aol.com

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